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Database Development

Constantly searching for that customer name, order form, etc. Let EWT develop a database specifically for your business. For more information on database development, see the information below.

Erdman Web Technologies also provides database design, development and management, customized to your particular business. Databases are developed in Microsoft Access 2000 and Act 2000 and allows your company to generate information about all facets of your business. Databases are developed to be user friendly, with data entry occurring in custom forms and information collected in custom reports.

If you've spent hours or even minutes regularly searching for that note, scrap piece of paper or that critical file and information, a database could save you hours and provide you with information you only dreamed of before. Due to the interrelationship of databases, you would be able to look at information in ways you never thought possible. Let EWT show you what a database can do for your business.

An example of how databases integrate into your business information.

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